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A fish named Goldie

There I was, in the local pet store, excited having found the perfect goldfish as my daughter's first pet. Although there seemed to be hundreds of the wee guys in the tank, this one in particular was definitely THE one.

"Hi there, can I help you?" I hear behind me. A pet specialist had crept up behind me and stood with his arms crossed, lookng at me sternly. "Yes" I replied, and pointed to THE one. "I would like this here goldfish, please." He proceeded to tell me, arms still crossed, that these here weren't goldfish, but feeder fish. Oh. Feeling sheepish, I asked him to point me in the direction of the goldfish, which he began to walk me over to. At this junction I almost asked him to hold my hand.

I hummed and hawed a few minutes, inspecting this new batch of goldies for THE one. Aha! There it was. A lively, brightly colored little swimmer, ready to come home. "This one." I showed the pet specialist. He stared at me, the stern look never leaving his eyes. "Sir," he asked. "What is that you are holding in your arms?" I glanced down. I could see nothing but the fishbowl I had earlier picked out from another aisle. "Well," I explained. "It's a fishbowl to keep the new goldfish in." Big mistake. "You know," he says. "We will not be able to give you the warranty with the fish."

Now I was beginning to get a bit confused. I asked for some clarification. "You see," he explains. "Goldfish cannot be kept in a fish bowl. They must be kept in filtered aquarium. So since you are putting him into that fishbowl, I cannot warranty the fish." Oh. Ok, I can be cool with that. I mean, I didn't even know that a two dollar fish could be warrantied. But now on top of being confused I was getting annoyed. "Well, perhaps I have a tank at home I'm planning on using for the goldfish." I told him.

Another big mistake. Should have just kept quiet. He looks at me, and then proceeds to call over his co-worker. He explains the situation to her.

April 14, 2014 by Ben James